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The $400 million plan will seek a Royal Commission over four years.
I’ve heard people talk in the way I used to talk. They say, “one step at a time”. They’ll correct themselves when it’s an issue of sexuality or ethnicity, but when it comes to special needs they give themselves a free pass.
If we met in person, sitting around the office table, you would be impressed by my communication skills. You might even wonder whether I am over-qualified for the position. But then, something unexpected happens.
A supermarket worker in southern England is being praised for selflessly helping a mother who has two young children who
No one asked for his 2 cents, let alone 50. In an expletive-laced video uploaded to 50 Cent’s Instagram and Twitter accounts
I wet myself in public a few days after my Facebook message to the person who left a note on my car went viral. I sympathise with people who don't understand. I didn't understand MS or disability until I was diagnosed. I do now.
Ride sharing service Uber has apologised to a blind customer who was refused service by one of its drivers and then abused
Renee Duggan is used to some people responding oddly when she takes her boy, Andrew, out in public. Some people give her
People with disabilities are allegedly being brutally beaten, sexually assaulted, sedated, and isolated in an ‘epidemic’ of