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Our political leaders need to find a new sense of enthusiasm and urgency for the NDIS. It is the most important social reform in Australia since the introduction of Medicare more than 40 years ago, but it seems to be waning in political importance.
It took two years after my stroke before I started to see an upside. The emotional pain of those dark years isn't something I wish to experience again, but the payoff is this: I like the person I am now better than the one I was before.
Wheelchair Australian Rules had its official debut last weekend in a competition match between an Australian Defence Force
Down syndrome has instilled in me an appreciation for diversity. I'm not scared of difference. It has taught me never to judge. It has given me the gift of compassion and patience. It has shown me beauty where it is least expected.
Misha Heaton was excited for the birth of her brother. At four-years-old, she couldn’t wait for a playmate, to bounce around
My Mum had told me that Charlie had almost died when he was born, which meant he was lucky to be alive, rather than unlucky to be disabled. Because of this mindset, I always felt my brother was viewed as a gift, rather than a burden.
Australian photographer Alex Cearns is our nation's most awarded animal photographer. But besides capturing images of animals