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Lambie's words were the opposite of what we have come to expect from politicians. They were honest, heartfelt, compassionate, and mostly true.
Where, in all of this talk of the economy, is the issue of poverty, both in Australia and abroad? What are the implications of the major parties' policies for poverty and inequality, two issues that bring a much-needed ethical inflection to the too often grubby business of electioneering?
When I was 18, I railed against preferential selection into medical schools for indigenous students and what I saw as a disproportionate focus on Indigenous issues in the curriculum.
The sad fact is that this new GP Tax will hurt everyone. In the bush it is going to be harder to attract doctors and other health professionals. It will mean a growing gap between the city and the bush when it comes to health.
If you ever wanted proof that street harassment is about power and control, come to Wangaratta. The only thing more alarming than the prevalence of the abuse is the age at which boys are 'initiated': the worst catcalling invariably comes from squeaky, sing-song voices.