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In the era of school shootings, "posting a video attack of teacher unions with wall of guns backdrop — deplorable," a Twitter user snapped.
Former President Donald Trump's niece said "the insurrection was a bridge too far" for her cousins.
"When Daddy gets banned from Twitter and has to borrow Junior's phone," one Twitter user hit back at a tweet from former President Donald Trump's son.
Donald Trump's children tried to meet the moment on social media amid the Capitol siege.
Daniel Dale told the president's eldest son that "it’s just objective and obvious fact" that Donald Trump is "a staggeringly incessant liar."
"Your dad taught you to spell, didn’t he?" one Twitter user mocked President Donald Trump's son.
"Welcome to the resistance," one Twitter user mockingly responded to Donald Trump's son.
The president's son posted a perky video saying he got "the 'rona."
"Nothing nefarious about the timing of this at all right?" the president's eldest son tweeted on Monday.