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Donating to Charity

You live in a crazy, crazy world. And crazy bad things happen here all the time. But it's important to realize that through
Regardless of the actual number of charities in Australia, it feels like they are everywhere. Nearly every day we see charity street collectors and receive window-faced envelopes in the mail, read crowdfunding requests and watch charity television ads. Charities have become very good at attracting our attention, because they need to be.
Australians give around $30 million a year to charities, and a big chunk of this is done over the Christmas/New Year period. But giving comes with a little uncertainty. Who should I give to? Where does the money go? Am I really making a difference?
Last week I had the pleasure of launching the Australian Charities Report 2014 -- the second-ever charity census. While the
I often get asked if charities are wasting their money on administration. Australians are very generous when it comes to
When it comes to helping out her fans, Taylor Swift lends a hand like no other. Whether donating money to help pay off student
What is the tipping point that prompts a dignified man to reach out to a relative stranger? It is the desperation of relentless fighting, food shortages and dwindling options for keeping his family safe.