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drug addiction

We cannot arrest and imprison our way out of our serious drug problems.
Prescription drug addiction might be far more widespread than originally thought. UK Addiction and Treatment Centres (UKAT
The song is critical of the doctors over-prescribing medicine.
I see a lot in the media these days saying who an ice addict is. For me, and for most of the ice addicts I know, it just doesn't ring true. Everyone has similarities, but not everyone's story is the same.
Having lost a child and worked with so many families in the same position, it is a pain that never dissipates. And while we cannot bring our own children back, we can sure as hell try and make sure such tragedy and pain doesn’t happen for other families.
The dog was found in a motel room with meth, heroin and nicotine in his system.
UNGASS 2016 was controversial by UN standards. While it stopped well short of a drug reform revolution, it has provided some very important first steps in the evolution of global drug policies.
My sister has been homeless. She has been addicted to drugs.She never planned on succumbing to a monster mental illness, on being bullied and assaulted, on running away from home. But it happened. And I like to think that if, in that dark time of her life, she had politely asked a stranger for some help, they would have smiled and given it to her.
Ice is not some fairytale nightmare in some faraway land, it's on our streets, in our towns and our homes. The dealers are not imaginary demons and the users are not holograms; they're real -- our friend's children, our relatives, our families.