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drug testing

President Trump’s latest accusatory jab at the former vice president's health comes despite ongoing public concern about Trump's own well-being.
A survey indicated 90 percent would use the service to stay safe.
Some things just belong in the '80s.
The inter-generational poverty gap is passing the point of no return.
"The question we're all wondering is 'where next?'"
It would be better to put funding and resources into education, rehabilitation, and health care services. To invest in hope.
Charities, medical groups and politicians are voicing their displeasure at the plan.
You can't solve a complex social problem like drug use with an absurdly simple and harsh response.
They're worried about 'bath salts', but more people are abusing 'hillbilly heroin'.
When the Food and Drug Administration approved Addyi, a prescription drug for women with low libido, this summer, it did