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No one likes to think too much about what waits for us after we die, but now a study has revealed that we might actually
Please, register your decision to donate your organs.
Most people accept that painlessly ending the suffering of animals is an act of compassion. As a veterinarian I often had the decision to put an animal to sleep placed in my hands, because animals cannot give consent. Yet even when we give consent and beg for help, the law denies humans the same compassion.
Do you remember the first time you realised that one day you were going to die? Death, with all its finality, and the fact that with each passing day we are all getting inexorably closer to our own ultimate passing, is a biggie. And one we rarely discuss... let alone think too much about.
There are few people more qualified to talk about end-of-life decisions than GP Mukesh Haikerwal. The former president of
A touching photograph showing the heart-wrenching moment a kangaroo held its dying buddy went viral this week but experts