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Once home to a notorious detention centre, the island's future is in eco-tourism.
The idea that they should just puff out their chests and demand a wage rise must seem like a joke to low-income earners.
We all lose out when we forget the "fair" part of "Advance Australia Fair".
HuffPost Australia Editor In Chief Tory Maguire Took a Camera Inside The Budget Lockup. Here's a 45 Second Summary Of What She Saw.
The real debt problem is the asset bubble which threatens the stability of the entire financial system.
There were other, more extreme, suggestions floated: The pound has reacted with volatility since Britain voted to leave the
Every bubble eventually pops and this correction is typically violent and painful.
When wages and jobs don't grow, it's like trying to run up a down escalator.
Now you can have your Four'n Twenty and eat it too.
The modern work day culture doesn't leave time for creative thinking.