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Global stocks have fallen to their lowest level in more than two years compounding a day of massive losses on the Australian
As a niche luxury item, the trade in pinball machines can provide an excellent snapshot of whether the Australian economy is heading for 'TILT' or whether it's on its way to recording a 'high score'.
Where in previous decades many Australians lived near where they worked, their communities are being transformed into drive-in, drive-out suburbs where they sleep between working and commuting but have little time for anything else. Millions of Australians are literally watching their quality of life disappear like the white lines in their rear-vision mirrors.
Evidence from the University of California found that, for an economy of Australia's size, economic growth of $200 million would be realised with marriage equality.
Right now as a nation we are failing to provide generations of young people with the skills and capability to thrive in the New Work Order.
The Australian stock market opened with a major case of the willies this morning after a bloodbath on global markets overnight
Our international counterparts have set reasonable and achievable emissions reduction targets. The US has a reduction target of 41 percent of 2005 levels by 2030. The Australian Government has set out a reduction target in the order of 26 percent.
"I'm numb. I can't believe this is happening to me," a 38-year-old patient said to me last week when, after two rounds of IVF, the three eggs we managed to retrieve failed to fertilise.
Unless we take steps now to reduce traffic congestion by investing in roads and urban rail, the problem will assume such monstrous proportions that it will act as a handbrake on national economic productivity. If that is not core business for the Commonwealth, I don't know what is.