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Here's when and how to follow Election Day as America decides on Donald Trump or Joe Biden.
"He’s going to burn it all down, sow more chaos and division because that’s where he succeeds," the president's niece predicted.
Donald Trump staged a remarkable comeback in the closing days of the 2016 campaign and believes he can do so again.
The first lady has decided against accompanying the president to a campaign rally Tuesday in Erie, Pennsylvania, because of a lingering cough after her bout with COVID-19
The president told reporters he’s not running scared, he’s running angry, as he campaigns aggressively in battleground states.
The New Zealand Labour Party's mandate means Ardern could form the country’s first single-party government in decades.
Harris will be the first Black and Asian American to be vice-president if Team Biden defeats Trump in November.
Watch a live stream of the US presidential debate and read live updates from the HuffPost politics team.
Despite working for the pro-Trump Fox News network, Chris Wallace has a reputation as a straight shooter.
The highly anticipated matchup, to be broadcast on Wednesday morning Australian time, will offer the clearest contrast yet between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.