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Ricky Perry denied carbon dioxide fuels climate change. Scientists disagree.
It is just ahead of expected imminent power price hikes across much of Australia.
The Trump administration took a major step forward Monday in its pledge to expand offshore oil and gas drilling in the Atlantic
Even fossil fuel giants Exxon Mobil, BP, Chevron and Royal Dutch Shell had warned Trump against a withdrawal.  In a statement
President Donald Trumpannounced plans to withdraw from the Paris climate accord on Thursday with a White House speech that
“The Paris Agreement is too costly for the United States,” Adam Brandon, president of conservative advocacy group FreedomWorks
The side that opposed the climate deal took a more radical, ideological approach fueled by the belief that the overwhelming
In exiting the deal, Trump would have the support of the 22 Republican senators who last week wrote him a letter urging him
NEW YORK ― If the United States withdraws from the Paris Agreement, rivals such as China, Russia and Iran will fill the void