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Hazelwood’s closure is yet another wake-up call that Australia needs a national energy transition plan.
Actually, there's a lot of good news out there.
We could all use a little boost.
For both general health and weight loss.
Poor air quality is now the fourth largest threat to our health, according to a new IEA report.
The reliance of much of the developing world on renewable, local sources of electricity generation counters the narrative that coal is the only option for developing countries to achieve a Western standard of living.
Right now Australia is presented with a stark choice -- but one it seems no government wants to confront. Either we do nothing and deal with ad hoc closures as companies move away from fossil fuels, or we take responsibility and plan for a phased closure of all our power stations.
The benefit of exercise for good health is not in dispute. But when it comes to brain health, should we be going for the leotard or the Lycra?