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Musician Kira Iaconetti had a form of epilepsy that was triggered by listening to or playing music.
Every Halloween, Massachusetts dad Tom Hardy makes his son the “king of the neighborhood” by incorporating his child’s wheelchair
Scientists have found that doses of a drug designed to treat epilepsy, also has a benefit in restoring normal brain activity
The study wants to highlight the numbers of people using illicit cannabis as treatment.
He wants better access to the drug for the five-year-old, who has a rare form of epilepsy.
Claims patients will die after cannabis oil supplier raided by police.
In 2012, when other parents were trading stories about the difficulties of balancing homework with football training or swimming lessons, I was in my garage painstakingly measuring amounts of a schedule one narcotic to extract medication for my son.
The only sampling allowed for this crop is DNA extraction.
I don't know when I first became aware of the word epilepsy. Family mythology has me aged about four when it was noticed that I was taking "funny turns". But it's a word that defined me for many years; stalked me through all aspects of life, complicated the serious and the mundane.