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Why did it take so long to combat his dangerous disinformation?
Australia's national flag is hardly unique to patriotic appropriation, experts said.
The singer tweeted that “Facebook is going to be responsible for thousands of deaths if they don’t take action now!”
Some ads push blatant misinformation about vaccines.
Actor Josh Pence worked his face off opposite Armie Hammer, you just didn't see it.
The move has been called 'bullying' and a 'heavy handed threat' by local media lobby groups and the Australian treasurer.
The photo was taken during pro-democracy protests in Ukraine in 2014.
On Thursday, three people filed a complaint on behalf of current, former and prospective Facebook employees detailing alleged discrimination at the company.
Social media platforms have issued bans and takedowns as they face mounting pressure. But how much has really changed?
"Facebook, complicit in the propagation of weaponised hatred, is on the wrong side of history," Timothy Aveni said.