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fad diets

Avoid falling for clever marketing and save your money.
Vegetarians and vegans cut out whole food groups, so why do they get a free pass?
Aussies are searching everything vegan.
For the last time, fruit is NOT unhealthy.
Reminder: Listen to your body.
Yo-yo dieting and restrictive eating are typically to blame.
Every few weeks a new fad diet or health craze fills our news feeds with promises of making us slimmer, healthier and better than ever before. Good health is priceless, but in our ongoing quest for it, are we potentially doing our bodies more harm than good?
Swearing off sugar has become almost a religion in the last few years, as sugar has started copping the blame for everything from obesity to autoimmune disease. There's no doubt that, in general, we're eating (and drinking) far too much sugar. But is demonising sugar really necessary?