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We've all heard of crowdfunded TV shows, movies and new technologies, but you might not have heard of crowdfunding meat. Crowd
Underwater farming may become the future of food, thanks to commercial fisherman Bren Smith, who invented a sustainable way
Last week, the Federal Tourism Minister announced that he would lead the review on the controversial 'backpacker tax'. From July, the proposed tax rule would consider backpackers as non-resident and tax them 32.5 cents from the first dollar they earn, scrapping their existing $18,200 tax-free threshold. But what will this mean for backpackers?
Australia’s agriculture sector is set to undergo a technological overhaul after the government announced a collection of
Maria Fatima is the chief of Maudemo, a village in Timor-Leste where life has long centered on small-scale farming. "Farmers
He’s the bloke with a truck who has become a social media sensation overnight by simply giving back. And as he returns home
Farming in Australia will get a digital overhaul, with the federal government unveiling a suite of measures aimed at boosting
At this time of year we're accustomed to reflecting on the 12 months that have gone by and lining up our resolutions for the 12 months ahead. But Australia's farmers will only get what we really want for Christmas -- a productive, profitable and sustainable rural sector -- if we start thinking not in years, but in decades.
Ask any small business adviser how to succeed and they’ll all tell you the same thing -- you need a carve a niche in the
There are a few essential tools most farmers have in their arsenal -- ute, shovel, gun, radio. It's time to add "satellite