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fast fashion

Sustainable, stylish and spectacular.
I remember arriving in London in 2013 and making a beeline with my daughter for Gap, Zara and H&M to gorge on dirt-cheap fast fashion. I knew no better. Now I do. Now I ask myself one question before I buy. Where are my clothes coming from? A straightforward question, with huge and complex ramifications.
Check out these images and decide for yourself.
A new report ranks popular companies based on their promotion of cotton sustainability -- and the results are pretty dismal.
Scoring a sweet deal on an inexpensive shirt feels really good. But when you learn what happens when you're done with that
I saw a series of recent advertisements for $2 school uniforms being sold by Target and Kmart. Made in Bangladeshi factories, where wages are less than $100 per month, these polo shirts are an example of fast fashion -- clothing's equivalent to fast food.