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fat shaming

One doesn’t have to be a public figure to be subjected to the kind of hatred or scrutiny Holliday has experienced.
Being fat, getting fat, staying fat: These are things that have no inherent moral value.
The "Truth Hurts" singer talks about her exercise journey over the last five years and tells fans: "Health is also what happens on the inside."
Photographer Anastasia Garcia created the #MyQuarantineBody campaign to spread a message of empowerment and kindness.
Don't read the article. Read responses from Roxane Gay, Jameela Jamil and countless others instead.
The late designer “shouldn’t be posted all over the internet as a saint gone-too-soon,” the actress wrote.
If we continue to use the term, we are failing victims, and should be ashamed of ourselves.
The reaction to Usher's latest accuser reveals how deep society's negative beliefs about fat women go.
If every bloke with a face like a dropped pie left sports journalism, there would be no sports journalism.
On Instagram, Hage explained that she paid almost $70 (£54) extra for her seat on the plane because she knows she “needs