fathers day

The Duchess of Cambridge also snapped a sweet photo of William and Prince Charles for Father's Day.
❤️❤️❤️ A little boy has brought us to tears with the adorable words he wrote in a card to his older brother three months
If there’s one fan group you don’t want to cross, it’s the Beyhive. And Mathew Knowles, our queen Beyonce’s father, is learning
He may have been the 44th president of the United States, but there’s one role that Barack Obama cherishes above all: Dad
I have tried my best to ignore the social media posts, the seemingly endless email spam and even the harmless sales assistants reminding me of their Father's Day sale. But it is a day that's hard to escape.
As a sole parent, who does all the hard work that most of us do as parents, but with no shared responsibility, I claim Father's Day for myself.
I used to wonder what my wife did all day with the kids, and why when I got home at night the house was such a mess. Then I had my time at home.
For Father's Day, five Aussie radio stars recall their favourite pieces of 'Dadvice'.
Unfortunately, not all men feel enabled and entitled to balance their work and family commitments in a meaningful way. They are the worse for it, as are their daughters and sons.