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After befriending numerous kind, earnest and fun-loving North Koreans, I found myself beginning to question the logic that our distaste for North Korea’s social system should mean that we refuse all engagement with its people who have played no part in shaping the country as it is.
Unfortunately the Regina Georges of this world don't only exist in high school.
It's hard to just let go of someone who has been a big part of your existence, especially if the separation was on good and mutual terms. But does this mean that we have to remain friends with the person we use to be in love with?
In life there are few things more valuable than friendship, and what better way to pay tribute to your BFF than with some
Having more friends really may make you feel better, or at least feel less pain, a new study from England suggests. People
There are no two ways about it: facing the possibility of infertility is really tough. And the silence that surrounds it
If the glamorous photo or exclusive check-in is about "showing off", then doesn't that indicate a need for approval in that person which you actually wouldn't want to have? So I say let those people have their moments.
When it comes to tricky situations, hating your friend's date (or, worse, their significant other) is right up there. We're
Last year was hard and some days, if I'm being honest, I still struggle. There were days where I felt like chucking in the towel. Recovery felt too hard. It was too different from what I was used to. If there is one thing I can pinpoint that prevented me from giving up, it was the example set by my best friend.