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Kate McKinnon made queer Disney dreams come true in a spoof that took aim at the lack of diversity in children's films.
"The only Frozen 2 I'm interested in is two jumbo margaritas."
A brief dive into the origins of an urban legend about Walt Disney's frozen head that should finally be put on ice.
Your favorite tales, like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, convinced you to care about weddings. Here’s why Disney’s “Frozen” can be our saving grace.
One of the most important queer web series for kids on the internet dedicated its latest episode to the hit Disney film “Frozen
YouTube is host to so, so many Donald Trump parody videos of “Let It Go” from the 2013 Disney movie, “Frozen.” Having not
The next four years are going to be pretty magical.  At the moment, we don’t have plot details for the “Frozen” sequel but