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Funniest Tweets From Women

"My dad say that the LOTR trilogy is a Christmas movie 'because it has elves.'"
"Do they allow loud laughing in Hawaii, or just a low ha?"
"Another week?? Right after we JUST had one?? Okay... not sold on all that but I’ll give it a shot I guess."
"I miss three-times-a-year-at-a-party acquaintances most of all."
"I just think if I chewed lava quick enough it wouldn’t be too bad."
"Writers be like 'this character will be...a writer.'"
"I miss my friends but also absolutely do not remember who they are or what they look like."
"Honestly worst purchase of 2020 was a 2020 planner."
"Somebody said they accidentally screamed 'Jesus' at a protest when they said 'say his name.'"
"Joining Houseparty just taught me a valuable lesson about deleting old contacts."