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gay marriage

Candidate sorry gays were killed, but wouldn't want them to marry.
President Barack Obama revealed on Saturday that his children helped him understand why embracing civil unions was not the
Did the bride and groom kiss? You bet. But they did it their way. Check out the video. Melbourne has just hosted what might
Scores of marriage equality supporters have marched on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's Sydney office in a bid to get the
VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope Francis on Friday called for a Church that was less strict and more compassionate towards “imperfect
It's kinda strange to think that hundreds of years ago -- you know, before property ownership, patriarchy, religion and capitalism drummed us all into the tired social construct of monogamous bliss -- humans happily roamed the planet in bonobo-inspired communities with multiple sexual partners. Oh, and everyone banged. Loads.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has refused to endorse an end-of-year deadline for a public vote on same-sex marriage if
The world can be beautiful and magical. It can also be evil and cruel. I wish that I could protect you from anything that may ever hurt you. But I can't. The only thing I can do is help people understand that our family is no different from anyone else's. We are all the same.
I am concerned about the cost of the plebiscite. With net debt of $278 billion and an interest bill of $1 billion a month, we cannot afford to waste money. For that reason, I believe we should hold the plebiscite at the same time as the next federal election and avoid the $160 million cost of a stand-alone plebiscite. There would also be less of a spotlight on the issue, hopefully moderating the worst excesses of the homophobes.
Marriage equality advocates are calling on the federal government to vote on same-sex marriage immediately and avoid an "expensive