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Parents are sharing photos of their daughters reacting to the first woman vice-president.
The journalist tweeted that he found the decision “disappointing” but said he would take the matter to the Supreme Court.
"I realised that we needed to create the images we wanted to see."
"Through research, we heard that kids don’t want their toys dictated by gender norms."
"It’s simply not a usage that can be ignored anymore," one of the dictionary's editors said.
New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority retired the use of “ladies and gentlemen” in its service announcements
'The excuses promoters throw out... is bullshit and so lazy'
In fact, conflict is the underlying cause to most of the mental health issues in Kashmir. Poverty and unemployment are major
The next gender-bending reboot will be “Lord of the Flies,” the famous William Golding novel from 1954 about tween boys whose