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global warming

From record-breaking bushfires to devastating hurricanes, human-driven climate change keeps killing us.
To the atmosphere, this year’s “return to nature” — a silver lining for some amid a deadly virus — was virtually meaningless.
The year already has been marked by rising global temperatures, Arctic ice melts and intensifying wildfires and storms.
Loss of habitat and a warming climate are contributing to dwindling numbers.
The teen activist stopped eating and talking during a frightening time before her passion emerged, according to her family's book.
Australian summers are now effectively twice as long as its winters as climate change continues to increase temperatures.
Aerial views of Antarctica's Eagle Island show the dramatic melting that took place during a major February heatwave.
"My wife and I will leave it to someone else to try and avoid disaster ... we’ve decided that as long as they can postpone the collapse until we’re dead, we’ll be OK."
"I have never seen anything like this before, and I’ve been in and around this stuff for 20 years," the CEO of one environmental group reveals.