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global warming

Scientists have long known that the melting of the Greenland ice sheet has been a big contributor to the rise of sea levels
There is no doubt that the Paris Summit result was a breakthrough and a significant step. But anyone who thinks that was the hard part is kidding themselves.
Saltwater crocodiles may look like a hardy bunch but new research shows a few degrees of warming could have a devastating
By sharing information about key threats and tools for addressing those threats we can take a practical, cooperative approach. That will help us minimise the impacts of chronic stresses and deal with shocks when they come.
Look out of my window on the Coral Coast of the Fiji Islands, and you'll see a clean freshwater river, a white sand beach and the beautiful Pacific ocean. Unfortunately for me, the view is different.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has dismissed Opposition Leader Bill Shorten's ambitious 45 per cent emissions reduction
Tens of thousands of people have gathered for a climate change rally in Melbourne, in one of the largest demonstrations of
The Earth's climate has just hit an important milestone -- but it's not the sort of achievement we want. The United Kingdom's
While the outcomes of COP21 will undoubtedly impact the world's ability to significantly lower global emissions, many are unaware that a lot of the groundwork on climate action has already begun at a local level across the country.
There is no regional or global mechanism to take care of the fate of people displaced by the impacts of climate change. Even if your island is under water, you do not fit within the current international legal definition of 'refugee', which is all about persecution.