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graham norton

"You don't wanna be in a place that you don't feel wanted," the star of the acclaimed 2017 film told 'The Graham Norton Show'.
The 80-year-old crooner won huge praise for his performance, but also sparked a lot of conversation for a much sillier reason.
The presenter met the drag star in the early noughties, but remembers Kristian Seeber as a “terrible boyfriend” in his memoir.
So uncomfortable, but we still can't look away.
There are still a few big names he's yet to secure for his long-running BBC chat show.
Michelle Visage, Graham Norton and Alan Carr helped get the UK series off with a bang.
A full-frontal scene in "Outlaw King" started the online chatter, and host Graham Norton wasn't about to finish it.
Claire Foy’s spokesperson has addressed speculation over whether the actress was made to feel uncomfortable during an appearance
'The Graham Norton Show' has seen some interesting stories recalled in recent years - Robbie Williams, we're looking at you
This fan will forever remember the time he met actress Margot Robbie. Robbie gave him an impromptu tattoo during an interview