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Liam is a 9-year-old who takes Halloween very seriously. The boy, who is a talented dancer with a passion for theater, loves
Police are investigating whether a teenage boy was doused with fuel and set on fire in a horrific Halloween attack at a quiet
Dressed as Drake, Cookie from "Empire" and others, these kids let their star power shine and we're pretty positive they'll
SYDNEY -- The NSW town of Lithgow is gearing up for its annual Halloween festival, with the regional centre's main shopping
This mashup has been described as 'rock hard enough to raise the dead' by AC/DC themselves. An appropriate tune to share
Crazy costumes and lollies. What’s not to love about Halloween? Yet Australians are still divided about the celebration, with
Of all the things the Chinese invented, it never occurred to them to grow a pumpkin, hollow it out and stick a candle in it. They never thought to put on a skeleton costume and demand lollies from a neighbour under the threat of throwing a rotten egg onto his roof.
As we approach Halloween this weekend, I encourage everyone to get involved in some harmless fun. I mean, we celebrate Oktoberfest every year as though we are all German, so why not Halloween?
I have so immensely enjoyed being addicted to horror, I want to share the joy and tell you about the main influences I have read or watched that have led to my deliciously disturbed state of mind. No better time to do it than Halloween, which, for those with blackened souls like mine, is a holiday akin to Christmas.
Ask any small business adviser how to succeed and they’ll all tell you the same thing -- you need a carve a niche in the