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'There is a serious amount of carnage coming up.'
Confused about the Targaryen lineage? So are we.  Thankfully, French illustrator and video game developer Maryon B. is using
The text: "I’m tired of jokes, I want to care for cats in Chechnya. By the way, Putin is our leader!" was added to the photo
Nothing in the “Game of Thrones” Season 6 premiere was more shocking than its final scene: Melisandre, having learned about
The irony is that we have a narrow set of ethics about obtaining and watching this show, yet the content of 'GoT' spins the moral compass like it's an energetic game of Twister. Can we use the characters of 'Game of Thrones' to develop a more detailed set of piracy ethics?
As the world waits with bated breath for the new season of Game of Thrones to premiere on April 24, there's one guy smirking
Malcolm Turnbull seems to have ripped his new slogan straight from the political satirical comedy 'Veep.' A new slogan has
They’ve teased us and tortured us but HBO has finally released the trailer for season six of Game of Thrones. Before we get
Winter is not coming anytime soon. In a lengthy blog post to kick off the new year, author George R.R. Martin confirmed that