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heart disease

Don't be lured in by salted caramel -- it's bad for your health.
A joint venture by eight hospitals around Australia is working to reduce the high rate of heart disease among Aboriginal
Why do we think of heart disease as a men's issue?
Where you carry extra weight may put you at increased risk for heart disease, cancer, and other serious diseases.
"At night, when I'm going to bed, I'll plug my phone in, and then I'll plug myself in."
When was the last time you visited your GP for a medical check-up? I bet you took your car to the mechanic for its scheduled service. Yet, we don't have a maintenance schedule for our own bodies.
Heart disease is preventable. Depending on the things we do early in life, we can set ourselves up for a healthy heart or an appointment with a heart surgeon like me. As a heart surgeon, here are 10 tips that I follow to keep my heart healthy now and in the future.
Working night shifts not only plays havoc with your social life, it can also have an impact on your health. A new study has
When you think of 'anti-inflammatory' the things that might spring to mind are arthritis, gels and pills. These associations