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Margaret Thatcher and the royal family play the bizarre drinking game in series 4 of the Netflix drama.
There won’t be big food fairs or mass prayer sessions, but rather, intimate family gatherings and online observances.
Season 4 of the popular TV show will introduce Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher.
Netflix has movies like 'The Grinch,' 'Klaus' and 'A Very Murray Christmas' to watch during the holidays.
“If you want to know how it’s going I just filled the cat’s food bowl with ground coffee and then started to put cat food in the coffee filter.”
"The Halloween decorations in my yard are all tombstones with plans I had for 2020 written on them."
Netflix has new episodes of David Letterman's interview series and a new show called "The Queen's Gambit."
The 'Morning Show' actor's French bulldog died of cancer.
"Me: *is allergic to cats* Also me: *rubs face with cat* *boops cat nose* *sleeps right next to cat*"
Christmas On The Square will debut on Netflix next month and frankly, we can't wait.