Hong Kong

Scientists in Hong Kong says a young and apparently healthy man has been infected with COVID-19 twice.
A new documentary, "Denise Ho: Becoming the Song," follows the singer-turned-pro-democracy advocate as she rebuilds her music career in troubled times.
Hong Kong was one of the first places with Covid-19 outside mainland China, here's what we could learn from its swift lockdown.
At just 22 I helped lead the fight to preserve Hong Kong's rights. In 2020, we’re going to face more suppression and more violence, but we won't give up, writes Agnes Chow.
"I worried I was compromising my autonomy by moving to Kenya, but I was right about what I’d gain."
Hong Kong has been dominated by clashes between anti-government protesters and police for months.
Protesters clash with police at a mall where a politician's ear was “bitten off by man with knife.”
Black-clad demonstrators held multiple pro-democracy rallies in Hong Kong on Tuesday as China’s Communist Party celebrated its 70th year of rule.
Protesters and police clashed in Hong Kong for a second straight day ahead of China's 70th anniversary.
Flight attendants and airport staff have begun a planned 11-hour protest at Hong Kong international airport to call on the government to account for a violent attack on residents by suspected gang members last week. The aviation staff were joined by demonstrators dressed in black, who staged the sit-in changing “Free Hong Kong” as travellers continued to use the terminal.