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Floyd was much more than just a symbol for racist police brutality.
Houston resident Larry Lewis said a fluke in his Ring camera made it look like he was being beamed up to outer space.
Climate change is already taking a major toll on public health and threatening to reverse progress made over the past century
Horrific events like the mass shooting in Las Vegas and the devastating hurricanes in Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico don't
Beyoncé is fundraising for hurricane victims in the Caribbean in the most Beyoncé way ever: by dropping a surprise song. The
These star-studded efforts come ahead of a Sept. 12 telethon geared toward helping hurricane victims, the goal of which was
Residents are being encouraged to wear breathing masks.
Dozens of animal crates packed the cabin of a donated San Diego-bound Southwest Airlines flight on Tuesday, thanks to volunteers
Restoring natural areas costs much more than protecting them in the first place.