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Opponents of the repeal feel far more strongly than its supporters.
A year after President Donald Trump’s election, voters who supported him ― but few others ― believe that he’ll accomplish
The Onion has a now-routine response to mass shootings: The satirical news site republishes a story with the headline ”‘No
Trump voters share the president’s fury about the protests. Few others feel as strongly.
Americans' feelings about how their year is going are closely tied with who they supported in last year's election, according
Huffington Post The story also remains relatively opaque to many Americans. Only a quarter of the public says they feel they
Trump’s detractors outnumber his supporters and appear stauncher in their opposition than his supporters are in their support
Americans are divided in how much they think Donald Trump has accomplished in the first weeks of his presidency, a new HuffPost
Hillary Clinton scored a decisive debate victory over Donald Trump, coming off as more presidential and better prepared, according
Forty-five percent of Americans have gotten into a fight over the election with a friend, a family member or a co-worker