The Alton, Ill., mayor said his wife showed a stunning lack of judgment in violating stay-at-home orders intended to stop the spread of coronavirus.
The death is likely the world's first case of an infant dying from COVID-19.
It's the first of four state cases in Illinois the disgraced R&B singer and accused serial sexual abuser faces, in addition to two pending federal trials.
For any white person who still doesn’t get why they shouldn’t ever say the N-word, even if it’s just rapping along to a hip
The female public defenders at Cook County Jail are dealing with an unimaginably hostile work environment.
On Thursday, police in the city of Zion, Illinois, received a call about a masked bandit in great distress. “It seems this
Former President Barack Obama reportedly plans to show up for jury duty next month after being called to serve in Cook County
State election officials didn’t know whether their systems had been targeted until Friday.
Police officers in the Village of Lansing, Illinois, are investigating an incident involving an off-duty police officer who
Starting in 2017, hairdressers in Illinois will learn how to recognize signs of domestic violence in their clients, as well