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Indigenous rights

The ALP has put a timeframe on Indigenous constitutional recognition.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has used his speech at Garma to further defer any official response to the Referendum Council's
Popular broadcaster and Referendum Council member Stan Grant has conceded it will to be difficult to achieve Indigenous recognition
For some people, it's unimaginable that a 10-year-old girl could be so sad that she can't imagine a future. That she sees the world as a better place without herself in it. For so many Aboriginal people it's hard to imagine a harmonious world full of joy with you in it.
Radio shock jock Alan Jones has declared Australia needs stolen generations to prevent children growing up in homes exposed
Closing the Gap is just another set of targets put in place by non Indigenous people, and will eventually be replaced by something else when the reality sets in, in 2018, that it has failed, that the rhetoric never provided a magic bullet to end our disadvantage.
“Long ago Anangu were afraid because they were pushed out of their lands, and because of that Anangu left,” said Anangu traditional
The impact of current government policies of forced removal and closure of communities, of deregistration of thousands of Aboriginal sites, will be absolutely catastrophic for us. It will also make Australia poorer as a nation.