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"I don't want to do a thing today. I did a thing yesterday. That's enough things."
December hits and it's officially "holiday season." This also means the onslaught of party invites and the dreaded office
Introvertsinteract differently with the world. And their unique personality¬†‚Äē which can include¬†a desire for solitude and
For those who can't imagine anything worse.
6. Introduce them to a stranger. 3. Ask them a strange question.  10. Just tell them you’re leaving.  2. Say you need to
Being an introvert could be behind your lack of energy. According to a recent study, introverts are more likely to suffer
It can be hard to tell if an extrovert likes you or if they are just like that with everybody. Watch this video for some clues.
Walk me through the process for creating these GIFs. Do you first draft them by hand before creating them digitally?  The