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Jim Carrey

The actor turned political artist has railed against Donald Trump in his cartoons.
The actor and artist flipped Donald Trump's slogan against the former president in a new cartoon.
The actor also ripped the president's Republican enablers and made an apology to President-elect Joe Biden.
'SNL' cast, viewers get giddy four years after Kate McKinnon's moving 'Hallelujah' in the wake of Hillary Clinton's loss.
“I’d like to start by tearing you a new one," McKinnon tells Alec Baldwin's Trump at a redo of the NBC faceoff.
“God created dinosaurs, dinosaurs became Republican, Republicans created Trump, Trump destroys God,” Carrey muses in homage to Jeff Goldblum's 'The Fly.'
The actor-artist envisioned the US president in a kissing booth and it's lip-smacking gross.
Baldwin returned as Trump and Jim Carrey debuted as Joe Biden to spoof the debate and make a few subtle jokes about the president's COVID-19 diagnosis.
“Look, man, I’m a nice guy, but if you give me any more guff, I’ll rip your face off like a mad chimp,” Carrey's Biden threatens Alec Baldwin's Trump in the cold open.
'SNL' returns with a limited live studio audience on October 3.