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"Alien," one child responded to the 'Scandal' star, describing the US president.
The "Black-ish" actor said in his monologue that the terrible gig involved "COVID juice" and "white people."
“That delay was a mistake,” the late night host wrote in a statement.
Jimmy Kimmel is taking a few months off. But first, Matt Damon trolled him big-time.
The talk show host called the US president's light comment a "pretty funny joke" and the roasting was on.
"Brie in a Tree" is keeping a watchful eye over grown-ups this holiday season.
The actor found out how protective some people in Pittsburgh are of Fred Rogers in a bizarre elevator exchange.
Never come at Kim K with a threat about poison ivy in your anus.
His commentary on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" was epic, fo' shizzle.