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Jimmy Kimmel

This Sunday, 130 remote cameras will live feed into the Staples Center. From there, things can go so right or very, very wrong.
“That delay was a mistake,” the late night host wrote in a statement.
The talk show host is taking more internet flak as he goes on a prolonged summer vacation.
Jimmy Kimmel is taking a few months off. But first, Matt Damon trolled him big-time.
"There’s no one to root for in a Trump vs. Bolton fight. They’re both megalomaniacs, sociopaths looking out for themselves."
Backing this theory takes "a special kind of monster," the "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" host said.
“You’re a willfully ignorant woman," the comedian fired back at the White House press secretary.
The "Extraction" actor reached his hand in and quickly pulled it away.
The talk show host called the US president's light comment a "pretty funny joke" and the roasting was on.