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John Howard

Ultimately, Howard is right. Because what he is really saying is that in our current status quo, we have about as much chance of keeping the same PM for the next four years as we do have of reaching parity in the workforce.
Hanson still blames Abbott for her imprisonment.
The LGBTI community will 'bear the brunt' of a negative plebiscite campaign
Former Prime Minister Paul Keating has called for John Howard to "hang his head in shame" over his involvement in the Iraq
The election result 'isn't the end of the world'.
We're less than three months from an election we have known has been coming for the past three years, yet I have no idea what the narrative is -- what we're trying to fix or create, where we're going and how we'll get there.
June 16, 1996: Prime Minister John Howard addresses a pro-gun rally in Sale, Victoria after introducing gun reform. Head
But he said he had not spoken to current Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull about it. "I am asked tonight would I favour it
Australia's former Prime Minister John Howard has told a U.S. audience it is "incontestable" that gun-related homicides fell