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Justin Bieber

“I can always stare at it if I want to control my orgasm,” Macklemore said.
The tattoo artist called it "symbolic of Gothic art and the struggle between good and evil".
Bieber's team didn't give a reason beyond "unforeseen circumstances."
Justin Bieber is facing an eenie meenie miney mo problem if he plans on singing in China ever again. Due to his past "bad
Around this time last year, Puerto Rico was facing a Zika epidemic, which hit its peak in August. Things have improved since
Justin Bieber, eat your heart out. This may just be the best “Despacito” rendition created to date. In the video above, a
Who needs Justin Bieber, anyway? Puerto Rican singer Daddy Yankee found a new singing partner during a visit to the Hospital
In a prior performance, the singer didn't know the words so he sang 'dorito'.