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Kevin Rudd

With the federal budget just hours away from its grand unveiling, a former advisor to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has spent
How you judge today's federal budget depends what you think a budget is for. Conventional wisdom has it that the best budgets stimulate the most growth. Conventional cynicism says the winner budgets are the ones that give enough prizes to the right voters to lock in a majority come polling day.
Kevin Rudd has been in stealth campaign mode, reportedly angling hard for a shot at becoming United Nations Secretary-General
Kevin Rudd has been conducting a campaign from the shadows to become the next secretary-general of the United Nations, but
Today marks the anniversary of when former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd officially apologised to the Stolen Generations on behalf of the government, because of the government's policies of forced removal. Today especially, there are always people who say: "Well, I'm not sorry. What do I have to be sorry for?"
Former prime minister Kevin Rudd says it's “100 per cent bullshit” that the booing of retired Sydney Swans player Adam Goodes