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Kim Il-sung

A minister said South Korea is confident "there are no unusual developments‚ÄĚ in rival North Korea that would back up speculation about Kim Jong Un‚Äôs health.
Reports that the dictator had undergone a cardiovascular procedure came amid speculation over his health, after he missed a key event earlier this month.
The 36-year-old is in ‚Äúgrave danger‚ÄĚ after undergoing surgery, CNN reported. South Korean media said Kim underwent a cardiovascular procedure.
The Catholic leader also honored more than 100 priests and laity who met a similar fate to Ji-Chung in Korea. One man, Bishop
Since the ascension of Kim Jong Un as North Korea’s leader in 2011, the country has posed an ongoing diplomatic challenge
Nuclear Tests North Korea has so far conducted six nuclear weapons tests, all at an underground test site in the country’s
Kim Jong Nam reportedly wrote a letter to his brother asking him to withdraw a standing order for his assassination.