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Black Friday is a little played out at this point: the lines, the stress, the rampant consumerism. But the American Society
Perhaps the best part was commentator and former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo analyzing the cat’s run.  “Look at
But don’t even think about trying to keep one as a pet.
Like Ava, Barney had a difficult start to life. He was born on a puppy farm and ended up with owners who soon found they
That’s where training can help. Martin stressed the importance of using only positive reinforcement ― that means no punishments
Dozens of animal crates packed the cabin of a donated San Diego-bound Southwest Airlines flight on Tuesday, thanks to volunteers
We all know that cats are a gift to us from the universe. Here are twenty nine reasons why cats are more than we deserve.
Cats and dogs aren’t known for their companionship, but when a dog called Aragon found a box of abandoned kittens, he put
"It seems to be both a self-comfort and a friendship connection."
Wanting to pinch puppies and babies is normal, says science.