"I did it, I killed them, I murdered them both," the court heard.
Charities, medical groups and politicians are voicing their displeasure at the plan.
Queensland's Logan City has been announced as the second welfare drug trial site.
Years after helping treat a badly injured turtle in a feat of medical engineering, an Ohio veterinarian had the unexpected
Wolverine doesn’t care about getting hurt ― he heals almost immediately. For the rest of us, this is gonna sting.  It appears
A man and woman were seen taking the boy from Lady Cilento hospital on Thursday.
Hugh Jackman is not only extremely good looking, he’s also the only person who truly brings Wolverine to life on screen.   To
Wolverine is looking a lot less like a huge, jacked, man. After all the teasers and hints, “Logan” director James Mangold
It's the latest line of conservation for a species on the brink.
Heavily armed police have stormed a home in Logan, south of Brisbane, to rescue a three-week-old baby girl who was being