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love and relationships

Relationships are hard work, but they're not meant to be a constant battle.
Abandoning your mates for your new beau is not cool.
OK, there are some exceptions, but one of you might have to resign.
You can skip the frogs and go straight for the Prince.
It's not me, it's you.
No two breakup are exactly alike ― but the fights couples have along the road to splitting up tend to be remarkably similar
Let's face it, internet dating isn't everyone's cup of tea. While there may be more ways to meet people than ever before, it doesn't necessarily mean everyone is comfortable with the idea of clicking and swiping for the perfect partner. So what did we do when we wanted to meet someone before the internet came along?
The kids are alright.
It's never easy admitting to friends and family, let alone yourself, when you are not in the most ideal relationship. Living in hope seems like the lesser evils of breaking up or staying in an unhappy place.
Guaranteed we can date the wrong people constantly, however there does come a point where we have to stop and take a long, hard look at ourselves. If you aren't sure if you are self sabotaging your relationship, here's five signs that indicate you might be your own worst enemy.