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The British PM confirms plans for customs checks on Ireland in speech to Conservative party conference.
Sam Smith told demonstrators he was going to report them to the "anti-democracy police", before Manchester officers intervened and he ended up paying them for the flags.
“We want the audience to leave inspired by Martyn and feel empowered because he didn’t just like things, he loved things
A mural of Kevin Spacey will soon vanish from the side of a building in the northwest England city of Manchester. Anonymous
The marches saw a variety of signs, chants and flags. Around 30,000 anti-austerity and pro-EU campaigners descended on Manchester
At least 60,000 bodies will have to be exhumed to make way for the first phase of the HS2 rail network, the government has
Coffee-infused bed sheets — sounds like a contradiction, no? Turns out, coffee isn’t only useful for staying awake. It can
Manchester, England, has experienced a "significant increase" in hate crimes in the month since a suicide bomber killed himself
The Manchester City Council rarely doles out honorary citizenship, and its picks have previously been required to hail from
"I think many people would already consider her an honorary Mancunian," a council leader said.