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The singer, 35, wants more people to talk openly about female pleasure.
There's nothing inherently wrong with porn, but reaching orgasm with your fantasies alone has a ton of incredibly pleasurable perks.
Growing up, I used porn to simply pass the time. In lockdown, I’m having to resist those urges.
Why not put this extra time on your hands during lockdown to good use and work on how you can take self pleasure further.
Being a self-sufficient, modern woman doesn’t mean that you’ve necessarily learned ― or been taught ― about self-pleasure.
“Yeah, it’s quite raunchy when you think about it,” the Beatles singer told GQ.
In the last few years, November has become a month when people give thanks while giving up solitary pleasures. That’s because
According to a recent survey by Time Out New York, 39 per cent of office workers admit to masturbating in the office john